How to Support a Loved One Who Suffers From Excessive Blushing

Don't Draw Attention – Don't point out that they're blushing. They know they're blushing.

Don't Ask Why – The truth is that they don't know why. In the case of excessive blushing, it's rarely embarrassment that causes the blushing. The blushing comes first, which is what causes the embarrassment. The post-blushing embarrassment just makes it worse. It's not the trigger.

Don't Give Advice Unless It's Asked For - When you have a condition whose symptoms come out of nowhere several times a day, you spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. They've analyzed and dissected their thought patterns, their diets and they've switched soaps dozens of times. They've been to dermatologists and counselors, they've had blood tests and they've tried every supplement product, lotion and potion out there. In the end, they have no idea what is happening or why.

Don't Compare – Excessive blushing is unlike anything else. Unless you yourself have suffered from excessive blushing, comparing your experience just makes the sufferer feel even less understood.

Don't Minimalize It - Comments such as, “It's no big deal.” “Don't be so sensitive.” or “You should be grateful you don't have something really serious.”, are all extremely hurtful. They also make the problem worse by making the sufferer feel guilty on top of everything else they're already dealing with several times a day.

Don't Make Jokes - Often, well-meaning friends and loved ones try to lighten the situation for the sufferer by trying to get a laugh. Even the most gentle attempt to get a smile from the sufferer can make them feel even more embarrassed than they already are.

Don't Feel Like You Have to Do Anything – Friends and loved ones often feel like they have to do or say something when the sufferer blushes. All someone who suffers from excessive blushing wants when spending time with friends or family is to enjoy their company and be treated like everyone else. When you're talking to the sufferer and he or she begins to blush, ask yourself what you'd be doing or saying if they weren't blushing and do that.

Run Interference For Them - If someone in your group of friends or family isn't following the above guidelines or doing something else that makes it worse, change the subject. You may need to change the subject several times before the person who is breaking the guidelines gets it. Above all, be sure not to break the rules yourself when you do this, or it will just make it worse.

Don't Ask Questions in Person - If you have a question about what you can do to be helpful or have come across this website and want to share it with the sufferer, don't bring it up in person. Send an email. If you can't send an email, talk to them on the phone. Remember not to break the rules.

Just keep in mind that the person who suffers from excessive blushing just wants to have a normal life. When they're out with friends and family, they want to enjoy your company and have a good time like everyone else.

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