How To Stop Excessive Blushing

Excessive blushing is a complicated problem. As a result there isn't just one part to the solution. Beating it requires you to focus on a few things. There is however one part to the solution that will have the biggest impact on your success.

I discovered this part of the solution by accident. I was actually trying to solve one of the secondary problems that comes with having an excessive blushing problem.

I was listening to a tape that dealt with overcoming socia phobia. A lot was said on the matter but the one point that kept getting hammered in was to stop resisting. The speaker couldn't emphasis enough the importance of just letting yourself feel the emotions without putting up a fight.

It is a common thought pattern to start mentally arguing with yourself when you feel any sort of irrational emotions. When in the presence of others and in regards to social phobia you would think things like: "What's wrong with me" "I'm an adult damn it, why am I feeling this way" "Just relax, I can beat this" "I shouldn't be feeling this way".

When these types of thoughts don't help to remove the feelings, and they never do, it causes them to intensify. You start to panic because you can't rid yourself of the feelings. Any kind of resistance to your emotions always makes them worse.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, influential thinker, and founder of analytical psychology said "What you resist persists". He was right. Resiting and mentally fighting an emotion only serves to intensify it. In the case of blushing, it makes you blush more frequently and more intensely.

The fearful anticipation of blushing in certain situation and mentally guarding against it only serves to make sure it does happen and more intensely at that. This is how people go from stage one; easy blushing, to stage two; excessive blushing.

You will never stop blushing excessively unless you stop resisting it. Obviously, as mentioned earlier, there is more to the solution then this, but this is the core of the solution.

It sounds so simple which, unfortunately, makes people brush it off or underestimate it's power. Those are the people who will suffer from blushing problem their whole life.

For those who do see it's power, it is unfortunately easier said then done and if you approach it the wrong way, you can actually make things worse. However done right this one thing will give you massive relief and put you one step closer to stopping excessive blushing for good.

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