Reducing Your Anxiety

If you experience excessive blushing, chances are that you also experience anxiety. You may notice the anxiety more as a result of the excessive blushing. In other words, you may feel anxious that you might blush in public, or embarrassed and stressed because of a blushing incident in public.

It is easy to view the anxiety as the result of the blushing, and to want to concentrate on the blushing before working on the anxiety. The most common thought would be that the blushing is causing the anxiety, thus if the blushing stopped, the anxiety would dissipate.

This may be true for you to some extent, but it is probably even more true that your anxiety is causing your excessive blushing, or contributing to it, even when you do not know you're feeling anxious.

These three techniques can help you reduce your anxiety and therefore will help to reduce your blushing incidents. They certainly can help you control your anxiety to a greater extent and move forward with your life with less fear of what might happen should you blush in public.

The one thing you can do to relieve your anxiety the most is to avoid allowing yourself to feel "stressed out" in situations that may cause you to feel anxious and/or to blush. This may seem a little simplistic, but the reality is that stress is not an action, or a thing. It is a reaction to a stimulus. If you can train yourself to pause before you acknowledge the stress reaction, you can often avoid that reaction. Here is an example. You are in a very good mood. The car in front of you takes much longer to go through the drive-through at McDonald's than it should. But because you feel good, you don't get angry. Another time, because you are in a different frame of mind, you might honk or flash a gesture before you have time to realize what you're going to do. Learning to take this pause and react differently can greatly reduce anxiety.

The second thing is to practice breathing when you are not anxious or stressed. Just focus on your breath. When you find yourself feeling anxious, return to what you've been practicing, focusing on your breath and away from the situation that is causing you anxiety and stress. This is a variation on pausing before you react, and this focus on breath gives you something to counter the stress reaction with.

Exercise may not be your favorite activity, but if you can spend time each day walking or doing some other physical activity that you enjoy, that activity will reduce the energy flowing in your mind, relax you, take your heartbeat down, and reduce your anxiety.

You may not completely eliminate your blushing with just these three simple techniques, but these are very good activities for lowering your overall anxiety level. Some, like choosing your response and focusing on your breath, can be practiced in the middle of blushing to help you get through the moment. Focusing on you, and how you can better handle your anxiety, is one of the keys to dealing with your blushing.

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