Erythrophobia : The Fear Of Blushing

Our society if full of phobias. In fact you can pretty much guarantee that there is a technical term for an irrational fear of just about anything. Here is one you may not have been aware of, Erythrophobia: the fear of blushing.

Believe it or not, it isn't as uncommon as you would expect. Many people in our society have a propensity to blush. Their nature to blush easily comes from physical and mental factors. Mainly an overactive sympathetic nervous system and a hypersensitive to the opinions of others.

But, whatever the reason, the habit of blushing easily, combined with being overly sensitive to the opinions of others causes the sufferer to fear blushing. Every time they blush in public, they are more concerned about how they looked while blushing rather then the event that caused the blush.

Similar to how someone with bad acne becomes extremely conscious about how they look, someone with erythrophobia has become obsessed with the color of skin on their face. Not blushing becomes a huge mental pre-occupation. They fear blushing at an irrational level.

Unfortunately people who don't suffer from this phobia can not understand what the sufferers go through. Many would brush it off as you would arachnephobia (fear of spiders), a nuisance but hardly that big a deal.

Well to the sufferers it is a big deal. In fact it puts a shadow over every aspect of your life. From family and friends to work and relationships. In most cases, if the person didn't suffer from some form of social phobia before, they soon do.

Then the combination of erythrophobia and social phobia, usually leads to depression and an overall sense of hopelessness. At this stage life definitely starts to lose its appeal.

Trying to talk to others who don't suffer from blushing problems is mostly useless. Only other sufferers can understand. Hopefully more and more people will become aware of this problem and as a result it will lessen the stress and anxiety of people who blush easily.

If it became as well understood as someone with an acne problem blushers probably wouldn't feel so self conscious about it. So if you ever see anyone blush frequently and intensely, don't think anything of it. It's natural for them. If you don't care, it will help them not care.

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