Why Do Some People Suffer From Excessive Blushing?

Have you ever asked yourself why do we blush? "Because we get embarrassed", might be the expected answer. Now, for people who don't have a problem with blushing this answer is correct. But for people who suffer from excessive blushing it is far from the truth.

Far too often it seems that a blush comes on for no reason at all. At least no logical reason, that is. This can cause a lot of frustration. To blush time and time again with out being in a situation that actually calls for blushing can leave the sufferer with a lot of mental anguish.

So what does actually cause excessive blushers to blush? Putting physical factors aside, the main reason is fear. Fear of blushing.

We have become so aware of our ease to blush that we start to fear and dread blushing in any situation. This fear leads to a resistance to blush. We try to avoid it mentally and physically, at all costs.

Have you heard of the saying "What you resist, persists". It is true. What you resist really does persist. And most of us get to a stage that we fear and therefore resist blushing so much that it happens in excess. The little known reality is that the more we resist it, the more it will occur.

The very fact that your mind is focusing on it, even if it is in hope of making it not happen, causes the blushing to occur more frequently and more intensely then it would normally.

It is the resistance it the actual moment of a blush that causes the increase in intensity. As soon as you feel a blush coming on you automatically resist it. Every part of your body and mind wills it not to happen. So what happens, it gets worse. Then because it is worse you resist it even more. Next thing you know, you are blushing so intensely you think your head is going to explode.

One episode like that is enough to make anyone fear blushing for life. Unfortunately this fear just sets you up for a lifetime of resistance to blushing; and as a consequence, frequent and intense blushing episodes.

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