ETS Surgery - Is it worth it?

I've scoured the internet for hours and hours looking for a cure for blushing. Every potential cure lit a beacon of hope in my mind that I might be free of my blushing problem.

No potential cure seemed as promising as ETS ( Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy). No more creams, no more pills, no more hypnosis or cognitive behaviour therapy. ETS really looked like it got straight to problem and fixed it once and for all.

If you read the doctors websites the risks are minor and the potential benefits huge and almost guaranteed. If I was able to afford it I would have jumped on a plane that day and flown half way around the world to get it done.

However, I couldn't afford it, so I decided to get a loan to get it done. The only way I could justify getting a loan for this surgery was to do some more research and make sure it was definitely something I wanted to do.

This research lead me to a website called the truth about ETS. You can check it out here:

Compensatory hyperhidrosis, poor thermoregulation, reduced lung capacity, reduced exercise capacity, extremely dry hands, denervation super sensitivity. And that's just to name a few of the potential side effects. So knowing the risks, the question is "Is it worth it?" To me, at certain points in my struggle with blushing the answer was a reluctant "Yes".

There just didn't seem to be any hope of living a happy and worthwhile life under the effects of an excessive blushing problem. Still I was unable to afford it and getting a loan in light of the potential disastrous side effects couldn't be justified.

Looking back on that part of my life is scary. Knowing what I know now, there is no way in the world I would consider getting ETS. What's the point? You don't need it to beat a blushing problem.

It's scary to think I was going to damage my nerves to cure myself of blushing. ETS is nothing more then nerve damage. They get in and clamp or cut the nerves. That sort of drastic action may seem worth it when you have no other hope of a cure, but once you learn how to stop blushing naturally, it seems crazy.

If you are thinking of getting ETS, then I sympathize. I know you must be living in hell right now. No one faces the sort of risks ETS surgery poses without having lost hope of another way to beat blushing.

Before you do it thought, consider this: ETS was banned in its birthplace, Sweden , due to overwhelming complaints by disabled patients. In 2004, Taiwanese health authorities banned the procedure on patients under 20 years of age. In 2006, the Finnish Office for Health Technology Assessment, showed in a review that there were strong indications of adverse side effects as a result of this surgery.

If I was looking for unbiased information, I would be listening to the government, not the doctors who stand to profit. In my opinion, not only is ETS not worth it for stopping blushing, it's not even close to being necessary. Blushing problems can be beaten naturally.

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