Why do some people blush more easily then others?

Obviously people who suffer from blushing problems have physical attributes that allow them to blush easily. But this doesn't really explain much because a blush is always brought on by a mental trigger. There is always a thought, conscious or subconscious, that causes a blush to occur. This thought causes an emotional response, which then leads to a physical response - a blush.

So what sort of mental thought leads to a habit of blushing easily? Well it's hard to pinpoint specific thoughts but they all fall into one general category. They are all self conscious thoughts.

You see one thing all blushers seem to have in common is an over sensitivity to the judgement of others. I know myself that every time I blush I can pinpoint a moment I felt I had made myself vulnerable to the criticism of others.

The unfortunate and frustrating part is that it doesn't seem to really matter what I'm doing, whether it is something wrong or not. Normally people blush if they feel they have done something that would make people judge them as wrong, silly or stupid.

But for someone with a blushing problem, it doesn't seem to matter what the judgement is. Just feeling as though we are in a position to be judged is enough to bring on a blush. This hypersensitivity to the opinions of others is the main cause of the problem for people who blush easily.

So where did this sensitivity come from? Well is seems it is genetic. Just as there are some people who have no shame there are people born who naturally have excessive amounts of shame.

For the person who is shameless, nothing anyone thinks about them could possibly faze them. For the person who is shameful, it doesn't seem to matter what people think of them, the very fact people are thinking of them, fazes them.

People who have a blushing problem could really use a healthy dose of not caring what other people think. If they could live the saying "what other people think of me is none of my business" they would have a much better life.

This is easier said then done, but it is definitely a necessary step towards preventing blushing and starting to lead a blush free life.

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