Five Things Excessive Blushers Have in Common

If you experience excessive blushing, you probably feel fairly alone in the world as a blusher, and may think that no one understands what you're going through. Blushing can be an emotional prison, and it's sometimes hard to believe that anyone could know what it's like to blush bright red, sweat profusely, and feel like a fool on a fairly regular basis.

It is true that many people do not understand your life as an excessive blusher, but there is one group of people who do understand - other excessive blushers.

Blushers have five things in common. Knowing these factors you share with other excessive blushers may make it easier for you to feel you're not alone in the world.

1. Excessive blushers experience unexpected, uncontrollable blushing. This may sound obvious, but if the feeling you're trying to defeat is that you're the only person in the world who blushes like you do, then knowing that other people experience episodes of blushing may help you overcome that feeling.

2. Excessive blushers all feel that no one else understands what they are going through. Again, this fact may help you to overcome the feeling that you are alone in the world with this problem. This is important because it is much harder to deal with something if you are also dealing with the idea that your situation is completely unique. Knowing that there are others and that you are not alone makes any problem easier to get through.

3. Excessive blushers avoid situations where other people might see them blush. This doesn't just mean they avoid public situations among people the don't know. Most excessive blushers are self-conscious even around people they know, believing that their blushing is very noticeable and that even people they care about would not understand if they suddenly turned bright red.

4. Most excessive blushers are very tight-lipped about their problem. At the same time that they believe everyone they know must be very aware of their blushing, they resist talking about their blushing. Many see it as a personal problem that shouldn't be discussed. They feel they would be too embarrassed to talk about it or have any attention drawn to it.

5. Every excessive blusher feels anxiety about blushing, and in almost every case this anxiety causes the blushing to increase because the person experiencing blushing feels more anxiety and worry about the blushing when thinking that it might happen again. This anxiety causes blushing, which causes more blushing, which turns into a cycle.

Perhaps knowing that you are not the only person experiencing blushing and that your feelings and symptoms are common will help to reduce your anxiety about your blushing episodes and begin to reduce your blushing episodes.

While knowing other people have a similar problem does not make your problem go away, it can help, because a feeling of isolation is one of the worst effects of excessive blushing, and overcoming isolation can bring enormous relief, which can in turn help to reduce your incidents of blushing.

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