Is Your Blushing Causing Anxiety?

Many people suffer what is known as "excessive blushing," and this often leads to severe social anxiety which affects their entire lives.

You may be one of these people and have no clue how much your excessive blushing is responsible for the paralyzing anxiety you suffer every time you're around other people, especially people you don't know.

Here are three ways to know if you're an excessive blusher, and if that blushing is responsible for your social anxiety.

First, do you often feel your face go red - just extremely, Rudolph-the Red-Nosed-Reindeer-red, for no reason at all? If you blush for no apparent reason, and if you sometimes start sweating when you're blushing, you are probably experiencing excessive blushing. This flow of blood to your face is not caused by embarrassment, but seems to control itself. In fact, this kind of blushing is the cause of embarrassment, not the result.

Second, do you worry about blushing? Do you find yourself feeling a little hot or flushed and wonder if you're going to start blushing uncontrollably? If you think about whether you're going to blush, and worry it might be embarrassing in a particular situation to blush, you probably have excessive blushing. Most people who are not excessive blushers never think about blushing. That's not because they're more confident or less easily embarrassed, but because blushing just doesn't happen to them the way it happens to excessive blushers.

Third, do you limit your activities because you are actually afraid of your embarrassing blushing? This becomes social anxiety as you become so anxious about going out in public that you begin to curtail your activities to avoid the embarrassment of excessive blushing. This can be very miserable, and can cause you to have difficulty at work and in relationships as your anxiety begins to rule your life and dictate where and when you go out in public.

Excessive blushing can be very embarrassing, especially when it happens around someone you're trying to impress, whether that's the boss or someone of the opposite sex. And to make it worse, each time you get embarrassed about your blushing, you are more likely to be anxious about it in the future.

This anxiety can literally be crippling. People often lose or just quit jobs that require them to be around people a lot, because their anxiety prevents them from enjoying what they once found pleasurable.

Maintaining relationships, even with close friends, can be quite difficult, because excessive blushing may make you want to stay at home watching movies rather than going out with friends or even that special friend.

Far too many people see their lives turned upside down by excessive blushing and feel they are doomed to more of the same for the rest of their lives.

Learning more about excessive blushing is a first step in finding out how you can deal with this embarrassing, anxiety-causing and even paralyzing problem and begin to get your life back.

There is no reason you have to be too embarrassed by your facial blushing to go out in public.

If your blushing is causing you anxiety or the other way around find out here how you can control both and stop having issues with facial blushing



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