The Two Stages Of A Blushing Problem

My blushing problem hasn't always been that bad. Before it became severe, to the point it started to ruin most aspects of my life, it was just an annoyance. I was aware of my tendency to blush easily. This bothered me a lot, but I seemed to manage ok.

Then it got worse. It turned from being a strong annoyance to something I couldn't handle. Before I knew it my life had become a nightmare. It may not have seemed like that to others, but in my mind, life was unbearable.

Looking back on the way this problem progressed made me realize something. I believe all people who suffer from a blushing problem go through 2 stages. There's the stage where we just blush easily, and then, when things get worse, there's the stage where we blush excessively.

Blushing easily seems bad when that's the stage you are in, but compared to blushing excessively it's a walk in the park. Blushing excessively is a nightmare, both physically and mentally. When I was in my excessive stages, blushing really did consume me. It was a dominant thought. I would blush intensely several times a day.

When I was just blushing easily it was several times a week, and not always intensely. Yep, I would take that any day to blushing excessively.

Now all this sounds bad but the good news is that you don't actually have to put up with either. Not only did I manage to get on top of my excessive blushing, I reduced my ease to blush as well.

The hardest part of getting on top of the problem is the start. It's so easy to get entrenched in negative and unhelpful thought patterns. The grief and apparent hopelessness of the situation is overwhelming. It's especially difficult because it is a little known and little documented problem. Doctors don't understand. If fact nobody who doesn't suffer from it understands.

However once you gain some relief and start to make progress to beating the problem it gives you hope and gets easier to make further progress.

Getting on top of this problem has brought me huge relief and I feel I'm back to leading a normal life. I still blush, but it's always for a good reason and very infrequently.

So if you are in either stage of a blushing problem, stay hopeful. Even though I don't know what your personal situation is right now or what stage of a blushing problem you are in, I guarantee you can get over it and stop blushing too.

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